Packaging Collection


Aequabis Medicine Labels

This dermatology clinic had three distinct product lines that they wanted designs for. There’s the regular line, which has their generic lotions and creams; the premium line (or Aequabis line), which is their special formula, and the apothecary line, which was branded as old-world, natural cures, almost like magical potions.

I decided on a white base for the regular line since it’s clean and simple without looking too cheap, since Aequabis is still a luxury medical spa, after all. Then I chose a dark blue-gray base for the premium line to give it a classier, more expensive feel. The parchment on the apothecary line reflected the “magical” aspect of the formulations.

Keo Water Bottle Design

This is a design study for a bottle of energizing water. The “I” in tubig (which is Filipino for water) is modified to look like a bolt of lightning, meant to impart that drinking Keo would make one feel energized instantly. The labels had to come in 500mL and 300mL variants.

Bala Shrink Wrap Design
Bala 8Hour

Bala 8Hour is an energy shot, distinctly different from an energy or sports drink in its size. It’s in a bottle that’s around three or four inches tall, and drinking it bottoms-up recharges your body almost instantly. Before Bala 8Hour got its distinct orange tone, I tried pitching a shrink wrap label with a dark base and bright, almost electric colors for accents. Electricity itself is energy, so the crackling patterns and stark contrast would get the message across quickly.

Biocha Bottle Label Design

Biocha is flavored kombucha, which is an ancient Chinese drink made by fermenting tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria. Its health claims include preventing cancer, boosting the immune system, and improving digestion. Since they had two flavors (blueberry and ginger apple), I originally proposed a label that would be laser cut around the particular fruit flavor of the bottle (left design). However, budget constraints dictated that I restrict my creativity to the classic rectangular labels (right design).

Alkavit-C Vitamin Box

This is a box (with matching bottle label) for vitamin C. The client requested for the color orange and images of oranges for the design of the box.

Rabbit Coffee and Supplements Box Design

Rabbit is a brand of herbal supplement and coffee that energizes the drinker and increases libido — hence the name and choice of logo. The client wanted a dark, classy theme for this project. I decided to make the coffee red and the supplements blue to differentiate them. Red was for the energizing pick-me-up effect of the coffee. Dark blue was cool and masculine and oozing with laid back sex appeal.

I also did another take on the logo before the client and I decided on choosing this one.

Superior Canned Goods Label Design

This brand of Filipino-made meats wanted a redesign for their corned beef, luncheon meat, and ham products. I went for black with photos of their delicious food to make them stand out against the more brightly colored competitors’ labels in the supermarket. Their mother company is Mofels Food, which I did a few other projects for as well.

Mabuhay Frozen Food Labels

These are supposed to be sticker labels for frozen meats. I was given free reign on this project (at first) and decided to make some unconventional design choices, such as rendering the animals geometrically instead of using realistic shots of them or of finished products.

Like Superior, the Mabuhay brand is also under Mofels Food.