Logo Collection


Aequabis Medispa

The company name is pronounced “Ey-kwah-bee” and according to the owner, it means smooth in Latin. Pretty fitting, considering this is a cross between a spa and a dermatology clinic. I played around with the idea of incorporating water into the logo — smooth waves cleansing the skin and renewing it into something beautiful. The logo on the left was one of the initial studies; the right one is the final design.

Vernum Corp

Honestly, it took a while for me to come up with the logo for Vernum. Vernum, by the way, means spring in Latin (yes, as in vernal equinox). Seeing as Vernum is a branding/printing company, I decided to get a little more creative with the logo interpretation.

You might be wondering why there’s a brain in a skull that’s a hot air balloon as one of the logo designs. The brain, I have to attribute to the client, as he requested I create a study with one. As for the rest of the layout — I have a penchant for Greek mythology, and their goddess of spring is Persephone. She’s also the queen of the underworld, as it happens. I would have gone into a longer discussion on the necessity of death (winter) for spring to arrive to defend the significance of this logo, but the client wasn’t really keen on going there.

We ended up transitioning into the more literal symbols of spring (such as green palettes and plants). The mosaic logo on the right is the “almost but not quite” study. You can check out the final design and other items in the Vernum Corp project.

The Skin Doctor

Taking a clue from the name, this company is a dermatology and beauty clinic. The client request was for the logo to be a monogram of the initials. Monograms themselves are a challenge since they involve fitting letters together in such a way that they are not only pretty to look at, but also legible enough to decipher.

I was championing the left logo as it was both (plus I had fun vectoring the curves and loops), but they decided on the more cursive form of the right monogram.

Fresh Salon & Spa

When I think “fresh”, I think of taking a dip and swimming in cold water. Hence, blue was a strong choice for the color scheme of this spa. The eyes follow the smooth curves of the Lavanderia typeface, making it a fun and playful logo while still remaining professional.

Fresh Salon & Spa

Boston Pediatric Dental Group

Now, this logo design was a study in miscommunication when I was still pretty new to design. As the name states, the project was for an organization of dentists for kids. One of my options was to create a logo with a character that could be used for brand recall and future marketing items. I had proudly designed the beaver after researching what the state animals of New York were, picking it because it could be easily rendered as cute and appealing to children, plus having such prominent teeth would be easily connected to dentistry.

I learned two things right when I submitted the design. One was that the group was in Boston, Massachusetts and not Boston, New York. The second was that although they were a pediatric group, they did not want a “kiddie” logo, instead opting for something corporate and professional. And so, the blue monogram of the BPDG initials was born.

The George Units

This logo was for an apartment building situated in New Jersey with a good view of the George Washington bridge. Their old logo was long and rectangular and had a vintage rendering of the bridge, so I thought to still include an illustration of the bridge as the logo was given a facelift. This wasn’t the final logo though, unfortunately.

The George Units


Rabbit is a brand of energizing supplements and coffee that is supposed to restore energy and libido. (I guess you can see why they named the brand as such, right?) The left logo is a mild, minimalist illustration of the phrase “going at it like rabbits”, which would fit perfectly. The client was actually torn between those two logo designs, but we collectively decided to use the classier rabbit in a bowtie, which was a bit of a nod to the Playboy logo.

Lynn Kids Dental

Similar to my aim with the Boston Pediatric logo, I introduced a logo with characters drawn over the chubby VAL typeface in consideration of a brand that would appeal to the target audience of the company. While the client wasn’t too keen on having little monsters holding toothbrushes to represent their brand, they did entertain the thought of using illustrations in the logo.

After a few designs, I came up with the right logo — a tooth formed by drawings of toys. The blocks within the drawn tooth also spell out Lynn if anyone looks closely enough.