Mofels Food

Company Profile|Label/Packaging Design|Website Design

Print and web design that reflects the company’s dynamic nature and highlights the delicious food they create.

Working Surrounded by Food

Mofels Food is a manufacturing and warehousing business that specializes in frozen meat, vegetables, and canned goods. They are an umbrella corporation with various brands under them, including Superior, Mabuhay, Tita Fely’s and Espi’s. Their clientele are locals and Filipinos working overseas, usually in the United States. For my stint with them, I had to create a cohesive brand identity for the three main companies — Mofels, Farmland, and Felmocor, as well as redesigned packaging for their export goods.

A Long-Running Project that Dabbled in Everything

One of the things I had to create was the company profile, which was a book around the size of standard letter-sized paper. They provided the content and some professionally shot photos, then it was up to me to create the best layout for everything. There were versions of the profile for each of the three main brands: Mofels, Farmland, and Felmocor.

Apart from the book, there were labels that had to be redesigned and corporate stationery that had to be created and a website that had to be laid out. Like the profile, the other collaterals made use of large, beautiful photography as the focal points of the design.