QuickCare Child Care

Mobile App UI|Web Application UI

QuickCare is an on-demand daycare scheduling and management application that can be used by both parents and childcare centers. The founders, Jaime and Scott Lerner, noticed the need for parents to find available short-term spots for daycare or babysitting during emergencies, or when they just needed a break. Being daycare owners themselves, they realized this would be an excellent opportunity for childcare centers to boost their revenue by filling their empty spots.

QuickCare is divided into two apps, both of which have web-based and mobile app versions. On the parents’ side, it allows them to browse a curated list of accreditted centers and pick out which one would be the best fit for their children. They can book a tour, schedule and pay for their children’s slots, and rate the childcare centers they attended. Parents could even customize their children’s profile, allowing centers a centralized location for medical records, allergies, and specific schedules for each child.

Childcare centers could list their place similar to Airbnb. They would be able to customize their availability, as well as see their schedule for a given day or month, track each child’s attendance, project earnings based on payments made through the app, and generate reports about the center’s activity.